Three participatory games will be hosted by Artist and Game-Creator, Gen Townsend, in association with the exhibition at SEVENTH Gallery throughour February.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Friday 18 Feb 2022, 5:30 – 6:30PM | In-person at SEVENTH Gallery *UPDATED
  • Tuesday 22 Feb 2022, 6 – 7PM | online via Zoom
  • Friday 4 March 2022,5:15 – 6:30PM | In-person at SEVENTH Gallery

Event FAQs

Who should attend?

The game is targeted at people who live, work, or play in the arts, but all people are welcome. This game is “socially deceptive”, meaning you will need to lie (and players may lie to you).

What will happen at the event?
  • Introduction and meet the other players (10 mins)
  • Tutorial (10 minutes)
  • Play the game several times (25 mins)
  • Debrief and conversation (10 mins)
Accessibility Information
  • This event is wheelchair accessible
  • All videos are captioned
  • The narration audio has a written transcript that may be used instead of audio
  • Please note the game is reliant on communication between several players
  • Child-friendly (with supervision)
  • An all-gender toilet is located in the exhibition

    All efforts will be made to meet additional requests. Please contact regarding accessibility and feedback.
What is this game about?

benefits of doubt (C) explores real-world reports, anecdotal stories, and personal insights about inequality in the art world. The characters reference the nature of capitalism in the art market and issues of representation at the leadership level.

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