Who wins?

beggars win if a Committee Member is accused:

Beggars win if a Committee Member is exposed. Their position has been revoked, which means a space on the committee has opened up. After the game, it is recommended the beggars nominate someone to take on this leadership role. The new Committee Member should be critical, but agreeable, and contemporary, but authentic. You should ensure the beggar turned chooser makes no mistakes, or it will reflect poorly on all the other beggars. Be careful with who you choose because any new representative may be expected to speak on behalf of all “diverse” beggars.  Hmm… with that said, you might be wondering – is the beggars’ increased representation on the Committee enough to justify a win? Maybe not. Perhaps you don’t win until the system is changed entirely. Could there be no more beggars and choosers? You decide.

choosers win if any of these
players are accused:

Anarchist is accused: The choosers successfully silence the Anarchist (for now). The Anarchist can no longer pour oil in the galleries, nor can they reveal the hidden links between the world’s powerful choosers. Without the direction of an Anarchist, Beggars lose. The Committee will continue to go about business as usual, responding to criticism with “no comment” or “we must protect my freedom of speech”. “The Anarchist can’t be silenced forever” – you say?! Well, if another Beggar could step into the advocacy role, then perhaps not…

Art Educator is accused : Due to defamation, the Art Educator has resigned from their position in the institution. Without an Educator, many Artists are no longer being “guided” through The Journey of Art School. The Art Educator has realised they never genuinely liked students anyway. They’re looking forward to leaving a workforce suffering increased casualisation. Once they’ve finished their PhD, the Art Educator will join the choosers in a new international posting. Stay tuned to find out which team they will end up on! Beggars lose.

Copyright Thief is accused: The Copyright Thief has gone to court after being accused of trying to make money by appropriating “that game” for art. It turns out the Thief was just a student wanting to use an existing cultural phenomenon to satirically comment on inequalities in the art world. Nevertheless, the student’s naive understanding of ‘appropriation’ means the choosers (and their lawyers) enjoy a strong win. This beggar and their teammates lose. The question of “originality in art?” proceeds to permeate our minds.

Administrator is accused: It was hard enough for this beggar to “secure” a low-paying Gallery administration job using their Master’s degree and 150+ volunteer hours. Now they are jobless because of the false accusation and, with limited success in finding another arts job, the Administrator will soon change careers. Beggars lose.

Community Consultant is accused: Alas, the Community Consultant has become unpopular after voicing their opinions “too loudly”. They have been expelled from their duties, much to the corrupt Committee Member’s relief. Beggars, if you can’t trust your own representatives it’s going to be a long journey ahead before we see any kind of change. Beggars lose.

Executive Assistant is accused: The loyal EA has taken the blame on behalf of the (actual) corrupt Committee Member/s. It wasn’t really an act of courage as there were several ‘incentives’ to take responsibility. With their ‘end of year bonus,’ the EA is on a trip to visit galleries in New York while things settle down. They will be back next year working for another gallery behind the scenes so, really, nothing changes. Beggars lose.    

Artist is accused: It is a tragedy when a poor emerging Artist is falsely accused of corruption. During the selection process, the Artist was literally just sitting in their studio updating their website and applying for grants. Clearly, the Artist CV and two referees can’t save you every time. After the game, choosers ‘blacklist’ the Artist from galleries, festivals, symposiums, workshops and Universities. Beggars lose.  

the anonymous artist wins if they are accused:

The headlines are out. The niche audience of ArtsHub readers have been shocked. Nobody knew this Artist’s name – in fact, we’re not sure the Artist in question was even on the Committee, to begin with. Fake news? Maybe – it doesn’t matter! The Anonymous Artist is becoming known in “The Mainstream” for their Instagram video rants, racist tweets, and slamming of ‘dole bludging’ artists. After all this, the Anonymous Artist has been cast in a special episode of 60 minutes that condemns all aspects of the art world. Beggars and Choosers both lose.

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