Play the game


For all established players, the expert level has more action characters to start with.

Step 1

Collect the required character cards

Cards you need for 7 players: Committee Member (x1), Executive Assistant, Anonymous Artist, Anarchist, Administrator, Copyright Thief, Artist (x2), Art Educator. Add another Committee Member for 8 players.

Step 2

Give players a random character card to view privately and then place down in front of them.

Step 3

Put the remaining 2 cards face-down in the middle of the group.

Step 4

Ensure everyone is able to reach each other’s character card.

The written script of the Selection Process Narration can be read here:

Step 5

Turn up the volume and press play on the Selection Process Audio. Click the [ ] button in the bottom right corner to make the video full screen.

After the selection process, start a timer for your discussion:

When the timer is up, vote to accuse a Committee Member!

Point at the player you want to accused of being a corrupt Committee Member. The player with the most votes is accused and must flip over their card to reveal their character. If there is a draw between two or more players, they must give a one-minute Artist Talk about why they are not guilty. Players recast their votes until a majority decision can be made.

Remember the rules, player’s final teams are determined by the card flipped over at the end, even if they didn’t know they had been swapped!

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